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Help Us Help You

You can help emergency responders locate your house by properly displaying your address and following some very simple guidelines:

  • Use Large Numbers

    Every single-family house should use numbers that are at least 3” high. Multiple dwelling units such as apartments and duplexes, as well as non-residential buildings, should use numbers that are at least 6” high. The numbers should face the correct street.

  • Be Visible in the Dark

    Put the numbers on your house under a light. Numbers on a mailbox or post should be reflective or on a highly contrasting background.

  • Be Visible From Both Directions

    Numbers on your mailbox should be posted on both sides. Emergency vehicles may not arrive from the same direction as your mail carrier or delivery.

  • Locate Near the Road

    If your house is not visible from the street, post numbers so that they are clearly visible from the road either on a pole, sign or post. If your house is across the street from a mailbox, post the number along the driveway.

  • Post Twice on Long or Shared Driveways

    If the driveway leads to more than one address, post all numbers at the end of the driveway and also post the correct number on each building.

  • Uncover the Numbers

    Several times per year, trim the bushes, vines, flowers and weeds so all numbers are clearly visible. Move flower baskets, flags and other items that may obstruct a clear view.

  • Each House Needs an Address

    Two or more houses should not share an address.


Important Phone Numbers

Amador Post 108

(209) 267-9493

Ambulance Ticket Info

(209) 223-2963 ext. 200

Hall Rental Info

(209) 223-2963 ext. 204

Employee Login

Amador Office

11350 American Legion Drive

Sutter Creek, CA 95685

(209) 223-2963

Mailing Address

PO Box 100

Sutter Creek, Ca 95685

Calaveras Office

310 Russell Road

San Andreas, CA 95642

(209) 754-3498