In the world of EMS we continuously collect data to assist in projecting for the future. With over 10 years of data, some things remain constant while others are unpredictable. For instance, we monitor transports per month (see chart below) and know that spring and fall are our slower seasons compared to summer and winter. May is historically our busiest month with October the slowest. As you can see May 2011 was not our busiest month this year. This could be contributed to the late rains.

Mondays and Fridays have always been our busiest days of the week. This is mainly contributed to the fact that these days have the most inter-facility transfers. We monitor the time of day the units are dispatched (see chart below). This helps us with staffing our 12 hour units. Currently they are staffed between the hours of 10 am - 10 pm.


We also monitor and report to Mountain Valley EMS Agency on Code 3 response times for contract compliance. Also, collecting data on where the calls originate helps with placement of units through the use of our posting plan.  Within Amador County almost 50% of the 911 calls are in the Jackson/Sutter Creek area, while in Calaveras County it is closely divided between San Andreas, Angels Camp and Valley Springs.

There are many factors that effect the 911 system and after years of comparing data, some things are predictable, most are unpredictable.



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